About The University

About Hayat University

Hayat Private University for Science and Technology (HPUST) was established at 2009, its geared for major expansion both in its infrastructure and student enrollments. We are achieving this by offering internationally benchmarked, and quality assured academic programs. The degree programs at HPUST are taught by competent academics. The quality control and quality assurance of our programs are overseen by our internal academic regulations, as well as by our own robust internal systems for quality assurance.
The university is located in Kurdistan – Erbil/Kirkuk road which is about (30) minuets drive from the citadel , the area of the university about (1000,000 ) m2 ,it consist of three buildings; the major building (15,000 ) m2 contain the study halls ,laboratories and the academic staff offices, the second building for the cafeteria and the storage rooms ,the third one for engineering staff, HPUST has a sport field for the student and the staff to play football.

Vision: To be recognized as a University of excellence in Kurdistan and Iraq, in partnering with industry, building our economy, serving our society and enhancing our culture. 

Mission: To provide high quality education and training in order to produce talented, knowledgeable and creative graduates who, because of their experiences at HPUST University, will be known for their employability, leadership, entrepreneurial and ethical attributes and who will improve the economy and society of Kurdistan and Iraq. 

Values: To achieve our Vision and fulfill our Mission and HPUST University values for the following: 
- Students by creating a supportive academic environment which ensures that learning is their central focus, combined with social, cultural, sporting and recreational opportunities to enable the full realization of their potential for academic and personal development. 

- Staff by fostering the highest academic and professional standards and encouraging the spirit of open and critical thought and enquiry, academic exchange and dialogue and expecting the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior. 

- Respect in a diverse student and staff community for different religious and cultural values. 

- Engagement with our Kurdish community and society. 

- Responsiveness to the needs of society in general. 

- Accountability through effective management and good governance. 

- Productivity and excellent service through the setting and rewarding of high standards of performance.