The Structure of Knowledge University
Knowledge University of Science and Technology (HPUST) was established in 2009 and it has begin to register the students in 2010-2011, today the university developed till the structure of it now consist of eleven departments in different fields of sciences as listed below:

1- Department of petroleum engineering.
This department is one of the divisions of engineering sciences deals with the search over the world for reservoirs containing oil and/or natural gas. These resources are need the petroleum engineers work with the geologists and other specialists to understand the geologic formation and properties of the rocks containing the reservoir, determine the drilling methods to be used, and monitor drilling and production operations. They design equipment and processes to achieve the maximum profitable recovery of oil and gas. Petroleum engineers depend heavily on computer models to simulate reservoir performance using different recovery techniques. They also use computer models for simulations of the effects of various drilling options. Because only a small proportion of oil and gas in a reservoir flow under natural forces, petroleum engineers develop and use various enhanced recovery methods. These include injecting water, chemicals, gases, or steam into an oil reservoir to force out more of the oil, and computer-controlled drilling or fracturing to connect a larger area of a reservoir to a single well. As far as the best techniques in use today recover only a portion of the oil and gas in a reservoir, petroleum engineers are concerned with research and develop technology and methods to increase recovery and lower the cost of drilling and production operations.

2- Department of environmental engineering.
Environmental Engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to improve the environment (air, water, and/or land resources), to provide healthy water, air, and land for human habitation and other organisms, and to remediate polluted sites. Environmental engineering involves water and air pollution control, recycling, waste disposal, and public health issues as well as knowledge of environmental engineering law. It also includes studies on the environmental impact of proposed construction projects. Environmental engineers conduct hazardous-waste management studies to evaluate the significance of such hazards, advice on treatment and containment, and develop regulations to prevent mishaps. Environmental engineers also design municipal water supply and industrial wastewater treatment systems as well as address local and worldwide environmental issues such as the effects of acid rain, ozone depletion, water pollution and air pollution from automobile exhausts and industrial sources.

3- Department of pathological analysis.
This department produce advance science knowledge and elevate the professional skills of a apothecaries in Kurdistan. the Rapidly growth in health care’s around the world led to increase the number of prescriptions filled each day. This increase demand trained Pathology professionals, especially those who can take a more active role in patient care. This increases the prescriptions in health needs of an aging population. The availability of Pathological analyst is the third largest health care profession (after nursing and medicine). Pathological analyst is part of the health care team. Good communication skills and advanced scientific knowledge are essential for Pathological analyst. In addition, business and management and as well as leadership skills help the make of a successful Pathological analyst. Pathological analyst works in a variety of settings such as community laboratory , hospitals, managed care organizations, long-term care facilities, and federal government facilities.

4- Department of computer science. 
Computer science or computing science (sometimes abbreviated CS) is the study of the theoretical foundations of information, commutation, and practical techniques for their implementation and application in computer systems. It is frequently described as the systematic study of algorithmic processes that create, describe and transform information. The focus of computer science is directed more on understanding the properties of the programs used to implement software such as games and web-browsers, and using that understanding to create new programs or improve existing ones. 

5- Department of English language. 
By teaching English in this department, the students will be able to acquire new terminologies and words relating to their department. In the same way the students will be able to practice some English patterns which they have already learned before. Because most of the departments the medium is in English, as the English department, we reinforce the students ability in their skills in speaking, reading, and writing in English. 
English is now needed to have a job in every field of life, so the students should be able to learn English to have their job in anywhere they want as a teacher or a translator in companies or firms. So, it’s necessary to teach the students English which is need in daily life as well as their specialization. 

6- Department of Law. 
It is important to have a full understanding of legal culture across the community to ensure the implementation of laws, regulations and instructions. Thus the preparation of legal graduates is needed to supplement public office in the state administration and create lawyers in charge of justice within the community. One of the college priorities is to focus on scientific sobriety of materials being taught at the college and make the graduate fully qualified in download these legal letter. Graduates from public high scientific and literary are only accepted. those who got high rates, are accepted to be a provider of legal knowledge for the exercise of any civil legal action or government. It should be noted that the ethics of public office is being taught within the legal studies. 

7- Department of international relations. 
Department of International Relations seeks to achieve excellence in teaching and learning ,the scientific research and community service in the field of international relations and diplomacy. This is done through the rehabilitation of a generation who is capable by knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the twenty-first century , and seize the opportunity of advancement in an open and multi- changing world , and to contribute to the process of sustainable human development and cultural renaissance of the region of Kurdistan . 

8- Department of Accounting. 
Message of Accounting Department is to create accounting staff scientifically -prepared for the governmental departments and the private sector. It also aims at preparing students capable of working after graduation professionally and academically, providing specialized background compared to the different accounting systems and the possibility of accounting systems design . The department aims to instill a sense of ethics that should be enjoyed by the accountant in the community although enable graduate students to accommodate the importance of developing national systems for planning at the national level and the accuracy of the provided information to make the economic decisions. 

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9- Department of Administration. 
The duty of this department is preparation and rehabilitation specialists in the areas of management science to occupy positions in the governmental departments , Preparation highly qualified scientific frameworks through the programs and take advantage of them in working at universities and institutes , Providing advice to beneficiaries, preparation of research and studies in the field of Business Administration, and finally establishing seminars and scientific training courses . 

10- Department of Banking and Financial sciences. 
In the past twenty years , a new specialization has undertook concepts of financial and banking to analyze financial phenomena and banks constraints. This scientific department in the colleges occupies a lot of space between the diverse College of Management . Economy of this section seeks through various programs especially the financial sector , banks outputs a high degree of efficiency and professionalism to supplement the economic development process in Kurdistan. 

11- Department of Marketing. 
The marketing function is important for any for-profit project, either a business or industrial. Marketing activities since the seventies of the last century has become one of the main activities of any non-profit organization, governmental organizations (service ministries) or civil society organizations aimed like-for-profit charities. Marketing, as a science and art has to do with everything you need, organizations of research. Marketing studies precede the production of a good or service; in order to identify the needs and desires of the target audience. It also has a relationship with all the organization's activities, which tracked the production of a good or service, such as: Active promotion of advertising and publicity and personal selling and the activities of the distribution, transportation and storage, and activities of the development and design of the product and the activities of item pricing.